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Sun, Sep 18, 2022 9:59 PM

Can't Access DirecTV Account

the website will not accept my password, does not recognize my my e-mail address so I cannot reset my password, does note recognize my billing zip code and last name so I cannot reset my user name and when I try to sign up like I am brand new and try to link my account it says I already have an account and loops me back to the log in page, it's an endless loop. I have waited 72 hours and tried to log in again same issue.

CARE CODE: 201 [LU100]

Lol it won't even let me log into this site, what a really bad joke. 

I spent 2 hours or more on with tech support who transferred me several times, had me call several different numbers, try logging in from different devices etc... after two days they apologized and said we cannot help, I let my manager know they put in a ticket, if we figure out how to fix it we'll call you. No one has called after almost 2 weeks. 

I cannot access my account, apps won't let me in as they do not recognize my user name and password. I cannot even log in to pay for the services that you are not providing. Any help letting me access my account would be great.

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17 d مضت


With account-specific issues, we here offer no assistance other than telling you to call DIRECTV (number in my greeting below) and saying ‘sign-in help’ to the robot to be sent to the right department. If that doesn’t work, threaten to cancel so you are sent to the loyalty/retention department. (Alternative way is saying ‘cancel’ to the robot when calling)

If after many calls there isn’t a resolution, you can then try a BBB complaint which sends your issue to corporate.

Getting to your second question, since your location is already eligible for DIRECTV satellite, there is no way at this time to get it another way. Since DIRECTV is the ‘exclusive’ delivery service for NFLST, there is no other way.

Now, there is an online streaming service called BUT this is only for those who absolutely cannot sign up for DIRECTV SATELLITE. Whether this be due to line of sight issues (obstructions preventing the reception of DIRECTV) or because someone doesn’t have the privilege to setup a dish in their apartment/MDU, it is only available to those who meet the criteria.

There are many ‘rumors’ about where NFL SUNDAY TICKET will end up for the 2023 season, and if it IS a streaming service, there really isn’t a reason for you to stick around and continue subscribing if signing up in the first place was intended only for NFLST.

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18 d مضت

I am also wondering are there any other options to stream all the NFL games every Sunday? I really don't need the satellite service and at this point unless there is a quick and dramatic change (like I actually can use what I am paying for through DirecTv) another provider might be my best option.  I appreciate any suggestions. 


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