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Sat, Oct 2, 2021 6:51 PM

Damage claim rep: friend or foe

     I called At&T to report some damage done on my siding after a new junction box was installed. Whoever did the installation drilled 3 holes to secure the box but ended up cracking my siding. They ended up moving the box down and over a cpl ft with no issues.I understand these things can happen but I would of appreciated if they informed me of the damage rather they spoke with me in person, over the phone or even a letter so I could take further action. Im not trying to get anyone in trouble however to do damage, accidentally or not and just leave is unprofessional and rude. 

     My questions are surrounding the customer service representative. When I called AT&T I spoke with 4 different people and the 3rd lady took down all my information and issues to than tell me she was transferring me to have them give me a confirmation number. Is that normal? .... The last guy I spoke with did not give me a number or code. Instead he said that a AT&T tech would have to come out to verify if the junction box is that of AT&T or Direct TV because there was no order request placed in his system. I told him the box says AT&T right on it but because I couldn't tell him if it was connected to my cable or internet he would have to send a technician out to check. He made a appointment for the tech to come out the following day but the tech never showed. Instead I was sent a text message to reschedule. Was this rep full of (Edited per community guidelines) or is that also protocol?

     Just writing this makes me upset. After being put on hold multiple times, only to explain my situation to someone whos only solution was to transfer me.  By the time I spoke with the last guy I was frustrated but I stayed polite. However from reading other forums I have a feeling, polite doesn't get you anywhere in this company. 

     Any response on the handling of complaint forums by the service representative is appreciated. I understand this is not a customer to employee solution forum but a customer to customer forum. I will be following the damage claim thread I found when reading others questionnaires. Thanks. 

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