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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 8:27 PM

Directv stream and satellite as one package?

​So, we have an annoying problem.   We moved into a house that we don't have any high speed internet.  I work in IT.  So, I made a hodge podge 4g antenna on the back of our house.  My wife is a cop so we get unlimited no strings attached 4g hotspot.  When we first moved here, we got dish.  Even a cloud overhead, signal would go out.  Dish techs came out and said he couldn't get it any better.  So, after I got us all setup for our house to use the 4g internet, I switched us to directv stream.  It works pretty well.   But, it's 4g and we have a lot of devices on the internet.  I have qos all enabled.  But still sometimes the tv can be blippy from bandwidth issues.​

​It would be nice if I could sign up for directv dish and stream so most of the time we use the dish and it's not using our bandwidth but, if there is bad weather we could switch to 4g.  Is this possible without having two directv subscriptions?  ​

​We bought this house on the understanding there's a project to get us fiber.  But they said it should've been installed within 2 months of us moving in.  Its now been almost a year and the company that is installing it just tells me they're backed up and to call back in a few months if it's still not installed.  Frustrating.  Mostly frustrating with the tv aspect.  ​

​(The only utility lines ran to our house right now is electric and water.)  ​


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6 days ago

You can have both DirecTV Satellite and DirecTV Stream. But they're totally separate packages, so there's no discount for having both. Just be sure to use different emails for each service or DirecTV's systems will get confused. 


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