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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 3:50 PM


Why would At&T drop the fourth highest rated news outlet Newsmax and keep outlets such as MSNBC? Joy Reid on NSMBC is constantly making anti-Caucasian remarks and branding anyone who disagrees with her a White Supremacist. This channel encourages division. Many on NSNBC do the same. If we are a country of Racists why did we elect a Black president for 2 terms? You are ignoring half the country who did not vote for Biden. CNN for years has been saying the Southern border is secure and if you don't allow people like Greg Kelly or Sean Spicer on Newsmax to report the truth about the border you are swaying an entire population with biased , untrue reporting. We need more than one Conservative outlet. many prominent Republicans appear on Newsmax and you are cancelling their voices.

Also you dropped NHK Japan a good channel with lots of diverse and interesting programs and a fairly unbiased news source for global news. Why?

Please reinstate Newsmax or we will consider a new TV source.



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8 months ago

Excellent logic that calls upon DirecTv to get out of the business of politics and into the business of fair product offering.

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8 months ago

Blowing in the wind! Not going to happen. A replacement has already taken place, and time to move on.

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8 months ago

If you are able to do so you can still watch Newsmax for free through their streaming app.  If that is not an option then going with a different tv provider would probably be your best option.


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