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Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 4:14 PM


No need to continue my Direct TV account if your going to behave like this. Get out of politics and serve your customers. If Newsmax isnt back on in the next month, I will not only be cancelling my Direct TV and NFL ticket, I will be swapping my 8 phone lines from AT&T. 

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1 year ago

Also, other stations are not individual networks like Newsmax but have multiple channels under one owner. So TV providers must get the full bundle of channels from the network owner, regardless of invidual ratings (percieved or not).

Indeed. If DirecTV wants HBO, they also need CNN. If they want Fox Sports 1, then they also need Faux Snooz.

Nobody noticed when Ovation was dropped with OAN, but it's the same deal there.

It's also why we all get tons of Disney channels for different demographics along with ESPN.


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