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Wed, Nov 3, 2021 10:56 PM

Poor billing returns

I returned 2 galaxy watches September 16 2021. They were sent to att's  Pitney Bowes return center. It has taken up until now 11/02/2021 to resolve this problem. It is not done to my satisfaction just att. Got the complete run around them since day one. Checked usps and they claim they delivered  to them. ATT claims they lost it in transit. I have contacted them It seems some say they never got it some say they did receive it. I was just told it would take up to a month in September to wait 30 days for them to process it. Kept calling them and they just kept giving me different answers. Just kept getting a different answerer. Now they claim it is too late to refund my credit card and it past there return date to give me credit and all they can do is give me credit on next bill. That is one there famous excuses all they can do. Finally I excepted the return on my account as credit after staying on phone more that 2 hours arguing the point with them it should not take over 2 months to return items to them. I will be sure as soon as I pay off my phone to them I will be sure after 40 years of being a customer with them look for company that knows how to run a company and wants to keep them. They obviously just don't care about people only there inadequate politics.  It could have been handled by just returning items to att store. 

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