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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 1:09 AM

Problem with DIRECTV Gemini

I installed the new Gemini, seemed very simple. The Gemini went thru the setup process, programmed the remote. Problem I have is after I turn the unit/tv off and then turn them on again the Gemini will not will not display on the tv. I have to unplug the Gemini box then plug it in again, wait to go thru the setup again, then everything works great!  Had the tech on the line and showed him the problem and he said they would send me a new Gemini! Got the new one and still have the same problem. Turning on the system only to having to unplug power is a pain in the a s! There is something wrong somewhere! Anyone have a clue what my problem could be?  Thanks

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8 months ago

There could be some sort of HDMI handshake issue or connection fault. Have you tried connecting the HDMI cable going into the TV TO a different HDMI port (i.e. HDMI1 instead of HDMI2). Moreover, you can try a different HDMI cable into the TV.

If the HDMI cable/connection doesn't turn out to be the issue, have you ensured that upon turn on of the TV after being turned off, is the Gemini lit up with a green light as well? If so, the picture settings of the Gemini or of your TV could be an issue (although unlikely).

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2 months ago

I'm having the same or similar issues.  A tech came out about a month ago, and it was no better.  I've been resetting or hard-booting the box for months.  I had what I thought were issues with the remote, where the Guide, channel up/down and List buttons weren't working. I contacted DTV online chat and they're sending out a new remote at a $15 charge. I just found out that it wasn't the remote because it started working again.  I am ready to send the Geminin back and possibly just ditch Direct TV altogether after this mess.

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2 months ago

I've had problems with the Gemini that started about a month after installing it. I would just blank out or lock up and I had to reset it all the time.  DTV sent out a tech and he really didn't help.  I changed the power set up so that the Gemini didn't lose power when I turned off my AV reciever and it got better for awhile.  Then my Gemini remote started having issues with the channel up/down, Guide, and List buttons, where they didn't work. Tried new batteries, and contacted DTV chat. They're sending out a new remote at a $15 dollar cost to me.  I found out that it wasn't the remote, because it started working again after a reboot of the Gemini box.  But I still have to either reset or reboot the Gemini box often as it will just lay out on me while watching programs, whether they be on TV, Netflix or cable pay channels. So done with this Gemini junk!


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