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Wed, Oct 13, 2021 5:02 PM

Remove Fox, Newsmax, and OAN

The subject of this post is similar to a closed post (why it was closed so quickly seems odd). The responses in the closed post were frustrating and not very well thought out. 

The response of customers can just not watch the channels that they don't like doesn't take into consideration that AT&T is charged a surcharge by these companies to include their channels in their lineup and then that surcharge gets passed down to their customers. So whether you watch it or not or agree with those channels or not you are still paying for those channels to be in the channel lineup.

The response of just go to another provider is not an option because it seems that every provider charges a surcharge to their customers because they have these channels in their lineup. A pick your own channels line up would be a good solution to this issue or getting rid of TV service completely.

My biggest issue is the misinformation that these channels are spouting during the pandemic is costing many people their lives because they are lying to their viewers about covid not being deadly or the vaccines are killing people, among many other lies and conspiracy theories, which are demonstrably untrue. Facebook and Twitter flag anyone's post that contains misinformation and close accounts of people who continue doing it. Why are these channels still in the lineup if they are spouting complete lies and misinformation about so many things? Especially OAN which is just completely full of lies, dishonest rhetoric, and opinions that are not based in fact. 

Everyone should not have to pay for channels that they do not want to see in their channel lineup especially when these channels are presenting themselves as news channels and they are just full of lies. And the misinformation that they are spouting is costing many people their lives.

But what can we expect from any corporation in this country that is just concerned with our bottom line. There is zero concern for their customers. As long as they make their money.

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