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Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 4:28 PM


Why are you cancelling OANN? GO WOKE---GO BROKE!

I am extremely upset that you are NOT-Renewing the  OANN channel this year (2022)?  My question to you is why? It's one of the very few channels left that are not infected with this WOKE culture (Edited per community guidelines). It's so obvious that the instruments of the Swamp's power (read: large corporations that do the woke/communist bidding for the Swamp) are afraid to disseminate information that conflicts with the Swamp's narrative.  Why do you think DJT is so popular? It's because he doesn't LIE to us or distort reality through some (Edited per community guidelines) politically correct filter.  I strongly recommend that you reconsider this decision, otherwise I feel there will be a mass exodus for people that DON'T want to be brainwashed.  Restore OANN for 2022!

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