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Saturday, April 6th, 2024 6:50 PM

DirecTV Gemini Air vs. Stream App Downloaded on Samsung Smart TV or Apple TV

I recently switched internet/TV service from Xfinity to AT&T Fiber and DirecTV. I purchased the 1GB internet, and my TV is connected via wifi. I downloaded the DirecTV app to my AppleTV, but the sales person also signed me up for the Gemini Air which I haven't installed yet because the technician who actually installed my internet service said I didn't really need the Gemini Air device since I have a smart TV. And so far I've been able to access DirecTV by just using the app.

Does anyone have any insights on whether it's generally a more stable connection to stream DirecTV content via the app on my smart TV or Apple TV, or is it better to stream using the Gemini Air dongle? Stability of connection, video/sound quality, etc. Interested to hear if anyone else has experience using both and what they feel is the better way to go. Thanks!

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1 month ago

Hi @vincecoronado. Thanks for choosing DIRECTV. Yes, you may use your Apple TV since it's compatible with the DIRECTV App but the Gemini Air offers a better viewing experience and a voice-activated remote control powered by Google Assistant. With its compact design and ability to stream 4K Ultra HD on compatible devices make it ideal for home entertainment. Visit https://www.directv.com/insider/what-is-tv-over-internet/ to learn more. In terms of stability of connection, audio or sound quality, it'll depend on many factors, mainly the internet signals. Jonathan, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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