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Thursday, March 21st, 2024 6:21 PM

Directv Gemini Stream and Samsung TV Issues

Thursday, 3/21/24



Bought a new Samsung TV at the end of January this year.  Works great with Comcast cable and Amazon Firestick.  In February, stopped Comcast and switched to Fidium internet and Directv.  That’s when problems started.  The Directv Gemini Air (with its integral HDMI cable) and Samsung combination begins with a green, purple, or some other color screen when starting up.  The only way to get things to work properly seems to be restarting the Gemini Air device.  Annoying at best.  Would like to know how to proceed.  I have been trying to troubleshoot this for over two weeks.  The Directv Gemini Air device works on our other TV (a 10-year old Samsung).  The Gemini remote is nice because it can also control the TV and Vizio soundbar on/off and volume.

Would like some solutions for this combination.  These are both modern technology devices.  Otherwise, the Samsung TV goes back, the Directv is cancelled, and the Gemini Air device goes back, or both.  I am going to post this on the Directv support site as well as Samsung.  A quick search of the internet shows this is a common problem without a solution.  I don’t consider restarting the Gemini Air device every time as a solution.

Customer support with Directv twice, they nicely replaced dongles, problem still persists

Below are the things I’ve tried:

  • HDMI 1: no changes
  • Tv and Gemini both have the latest updates
  • HDMI 2 eARC: no changes
  • Restart the pendant three times: good
  • Settings > System > device preferences > System update: says up to date
  • Settings > system > device preferences > screen saver > power saving > turn off (was on)
    • Note – Power Saving “your device will go into sleep mode after 4 hours of inactivity”
  • Settings > system > device preferences > restart
    • White dot wheel (3 times), Directv logo, Directv moving blue bar, works (about 3 minutes)
  • HDMI 3: plugged in with longer HDMI extension cable
  • When starting on new port, said no when asked if wanted to control TV with Gemini remote (it already is)
  • Picture was not great, turned off and on with remote a few times and it got better
  • Display settings



Game mode off (was on)

HDR off (was on)


Samsung TV

Apply picture settings to current source (was all sources)

Connection > external device manager >

General & privacy > start screen option > turned off autorun last app and autorun multi view mirroring (both were on)

  • No changes, still have startup issues

Many thanks,




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4 months ago

Hi, @MikeW79. I'm glad you knew the basic troubleshooting steps on your devices. Both of your devices are on an appropriate set-up. You should enjoy TV without having to restart it every time. We're sending you a DM to resolve this issue. Jason, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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3 months ago

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I am experiencing the exact same issue.

We moved to a new home/state, and previously had a Samsung Smart TV + Spectrum cable.  No issues.

After we moved, we replaced Spectrum with Directv and a Gemini Air device, and are now experiencing the same sound issues @MikeW79 was.

Every day, when we turn the TV on, the Gemini Air must be restarted before sound will work.  Returning our TV isn't a solution for us as we're waaay past the return window.

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3 months ago

Fallout, sorry to hear of your issue.  Our Samsung was in the return window.  Now we have an LG OLED C3 with the Gemini Air - no more issues.



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2 months ago

I am having the same issue, I have found that if I switch source to TV then slowly back to the hdmi port that the gemini is plugged into the glitches go away. Sometimes I have to try it twice. There has to be a fix or update. 

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1 month ago

I am having the exact same issue. Can you please share the fix? Its very frustrating.

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10 days ago

Having the same issues, please share the fix.


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