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Saturday, February 17th, 2024 3:40 PM

Does Direct TV Stream Service require at least one Box?

I just purchased Direct TV Stream with my new AT&T fiber internet service. All of my TVs are smart TVs, and capable of running the Direct TV App without issue. But I'm being told by the local reseller that I need to have a TV box (Gemini), at additional cost to have the service even though I don't need this device for any of my TVs. Is this true that the $15 / month TV box is required to have service? 

ACE - New Member


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3 months ago

No, you do not need the box for service it is not required.  But if they signed you up for Directv Stream Via Internet wether you have the box or not they will still charge you the $15 a month fee plus you would be under a 2-year contract for service with Directv Stream.  If they signed you up for Directv Stream bring your own device there are no fees and no 2-year contracts. So I would look into what Directv Streaming service that they are trying to sign you up for.


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