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Saturday, May 18th, 2024 4:25 AM

Gemini Air - Voice Commands with Google HUB?

We just switched from a DirecTV Gemini to a Gemini 'Air' and needing some assistance with voice controls - AKA, not holding a remote and pressing a button to change the channel / turn on the TV.

We were controlling the Gemini via Harmony HUB which was unreliable (and now unsupported). Now since the Gemini Air does not have IR so we are not able to control it via the Harmony HUB.

Effective October 2023 Alexa also now dropped any ability to control DirecTv devices.

So we're now onto Google Hub. 

On my iPhone I'm able to control the TV with simple voice commands. However, the only function we can get the HUB to perform is to turn on the TV to which the Gemini Air is connected.

The Gemini Air has been renamed to 'living room TV'. However when we talk to the HUB it refers to it as the DirecTV16246 when it reads back the command. 

We are literally 2 hours into the learning curve / transition from Alexa to a Google Device so please be kind with your replies.

The goal here : We'd just like to be able to ask Google to 

1 - turn on the TV

2- Change the TV to a specific channel...

All without picking up a remote.

For reference we have a 2023 LG C3 and a Google Nest HUB.

Thanks all. Any help is appreciated.

Community Support


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29 days ago

Hi, @jcaadams. We've escalated this to our Engineering Team for review. We'll provide an update when we have more details. Thank you for your patience. Shirley, DIRECTV Community Specialist

Community Support


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23 days ago

Hello @jcaadams, you can use voice command on your Google Hub to turn the TV and Gemini device on or off. Currently, we do not have an update for changing channels, but we will reach out to you as soon as we do. Thank you for your patience. Ara, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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