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Sunday, March 24th, 2024 4:44 PM

gemini remote

my remote will only move one channel level every 2 minutes or so. remote blue lights blink slowly 2 times then slowly 1 time as the light slowly shifts from center outward then a few seconds later 2 quick flashes of the blue light, then i can move one channel and it starts again. have tried resetting remote to no avail

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2 months ago

Try removing the plug in cable from bottom of Gemini Air receiver behind tv.  I usually wait about 10 minutes then plug it back in. It lets the receiver cool down. 

I also turn off the tv before disconnecting and then power on AFTER plugging the cable back in. 

This happens 1-2 per month. 

Good luck!

DirecTV Stream, Sony Bravia 55” 4k

Accepted Solution

ACE - New Member


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2 months ago

Try changing your batteries when your remote slowly binks blue is usually the sign your batteries need to be replaced.


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