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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023 6:27 AM

No FF or REW, skip weirdness with Apple TV 4K box

We just got an Apple TV 4K box (new from Apple), installed the DTV app, and love the picture and quickness of the response compared to previous Roku and Firestick we used.

But, we don’t have Fast Forward or Rewind (with the preview box).

Also, the skip forward normally does 90 seconds, then 60, then 60 … etc. Jumping that much is pretty much useless. Once in a while it will do 30 seconds, but rarely. The Rewind also changes the amount. Sometimes 45 seconds, sometimes 30, sometimes 15. 

I also had the box recognize a universal remote, including FF and REW. Same problems. Even with buttons programmed for FF and REW, the app doesn’t recognize the input from the remote, and the skip times act the same with either remote.

Are these things that I can “fix” ?

Thanks for any help. 


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6 months ago

@JimGilbert, we genuinely appreciate you bringing this situation about your Apple TV to our attention. We are committed to providing our valued customers with top-notch services, which is why we are currently working tirelessly to resolve this matter promptly. DIRECTV appreciates your loyalty and patience. Angel, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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6 months ago


I'm glad DirecTV is looking into this.  I started to shop other streaming providers based on this issue.  Staying with DirecTV for me all depends on how quickly they fix this issue.

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4 months ago

We are having the same problem. Skip ahead and skip back (right and left arrows) skip random unexplainable amounts. It should be 15 secs like the old Directv satellite. Please give a 15 sec option and make the behavior consistent..

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2 months ago

There’s been no change, this is still a serious issue.



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1 month ago

Just signed up for DTV to dump Spectrum.   Spectrum had a big nationwide outage and ended up losing all our cloud DVR recordings.  That was the last straw.

I'm using an Apple TV with the DTV app.  I'm really surprised that the skip forward is 90 seconds.  I've never experienced that large a skip with any DVR (hardware or cloud).

Also allow the use of SIRI voice command on the Apple TV remote to skip forward or reverse any random amount, example "Fast Forward 3 minutes".  

Come on DTV.  Fix this.


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