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Saturday, February 17th, 2024 7:52 PM

Osprey or Gemini box from Ebay

If I purchase a directv steam box off eBay will it still work with Directv stream if I sign up?  Seems that Directv has made stream the no contract or fee Directv option because you can download the app on your tv or Firestick.  It seemed not long ago you could get a refurbished box for streaming.  Just concerned it will not work with Osprey or Gemini box due to Directv only making boxes available for rpthe via internet version now.  I like the idea of the directv remote for streaming service.

ACE - Expert


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3 months ago

They may or may not work, depending on if the original owner signed out of the box and unregistered the box from his account. Honestly, I would not trust it. There are several 3rd parties other than eBay that sell new boxes like "SolidSignal" at Solidsignal.com.

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3 months ago

Hi, Northernlights30. Thanks for your insights, bcbsncjlj. We don't recommend it because we may have limited access in fixing if issues occur. Some DIRECTV STREAM accounts qualify for a Certified Restored Gemini devices, it costs a one-time payment of $49.99 before taxes and fees. You can also use 3rd party streaming devices, visit https://www.directv.com/support/article/000066174 for more info on compatible streaming devices. Veronica, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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