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Friday, March 13th, 2020 12:59 PM

Pairing remote to tv

Hi everyone, I just got my Osprey box last week and was wondering how to pair the remote with my Insignia tv for volume and input control. I found the codes online and tried to do it but can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks for any help.

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4 years ago

Hello, @ozunasawai4



Thanks for reaching out about your difficulty with pairing the DIRECTV STREAM remote to your TV. 


You may find these tips helpful when going through the pairing process. 


When pairing the remote control,It must be within 4 feet of the device.
Must have a direct line of sight to the DIRECTV STREAM device.


A DIRECTV STREAM Device may have more than one Remote Control paired to it.
However, any one Remote Control can only be paired to one TV!


DIRECTV STREAM Device initiated pairing;During initial set up, or
By adding a remote control through options in the AT&T Device;Go to - Setting > System > Remote & Device > Add a new DIRECTV STREAM Remote:



Remote initiated pairing - done via the Remote Control;Initiated by the customer through the remote control, by attempting to pair or add a new remote control. Remote Initiated Pairing - Press the pairing keys together -  Rewind (<<) and Fast Forward (>>).
All pairing screens are partial screens mode.
During the remote control pairing the DIRECTV STREAM device also attempts to program the TV and Speaker System.


TV and / or Speaker Programming When the remote control is programmed with the TV or Speaker System it:Turns on/off the TV or Speaker System.
Controls the volume of the TV or Speaker System.
Change the Input on the TV.
You may do this during installation or after completing the installation.Within the Setting > System > Remote & Devices > Programing Your Remote Control.
Select the TV or Speaker System brand.
Currently not all TV’s or Speaker Systems are supported.
If the remote control doesn’t pair with the TV or Speaker System, it can only be used with the DIRECTV STREAM device.You will need to use the TV or Speaker System remote control to do the following;  Turn on/off the TV or Speaker System
Control the volume
Change the inputs on the TV


Get back to us if you have more questions.


Charles O. Community Specialist 




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2 months ago

I paired my direct TV remote to my new Hisence TV. It does everything but turn the TV off. When I push the off button it brings up all the apps on my new TV? Is it that I just have to use the TV remote for the off feature all the time. That being said my old DTV remote that I paired does turn it off. got a new one as some of the buttons were wearing out of the old one.


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