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Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 7:47 PM


Picture quality issues


after 15 years of having directv, i find the picture quality of the DIRECTV STREAM service very underwhelming - weird saturation of colors and image not giving the right “feel” on my 4K TV. I thought that the streaming was supposed to be 720p or 1080p all the time so should be same as directv. I do have a 1 GB fiber connection

any thoughts? I also noticed that i have to adjust my TV color settings to make it at least a little better compared to my settings for directv

i dont see any picture options on the DIRECTV STREAM box itself

Also how do i see the source quality - whether it has UHD, 720p vs 1080p?


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6 months ago


Almost every night my DIRECTV stream seems faded and sometimes almost look b&w. 
if I hit the home button on my tv those pictures seem bright and clear but the Dtv stream playing in the. background still seems dull. 

i reboot the dtv box and it gets a little better. I have a Samsung 43” 4k a few years old and ATT 1G internet and the upload and download numbers are fine. 
my DIRECTV box is refurbished so I wonder if that is causing the issue. I’m using a digital cable from the dtv box to the tv. 

it just seems wrong that all of my other streaming sources seem fine but my DIRECTV stream seems faded

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6 months ago

It was the only the set top box (only wanted it for a remote control) I’ve had issues with. Returned the box and have had no issues. I would still like a remote.


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