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Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 7:04 PM

Stream BYOD / Bring Your Own Device

No one seems to be able to tell me how or where to sign up or the price for BYOD. I have a smart Roku tv and would access DirectTv thru a TV or Computer or Phone APP.

I do NOT need ANY devices like gemini and such. I do not want to pay the $7 per month per tv for the Gemini device. I do not want to pay the "$15 monthly advanced receiver fee" since I will NOT have any of the DirectTv Receivers or Gemini products.

How and Where do I sign up for DirectTV BYOD?

Accepted Solution

ACE - New Member


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1 month ago

This is the website for Directv Stream BYOD https://streamtv.directv.com/ 

I hope this helps!

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1 month ago

That is NOT the correct site. That is just for Streaming and has nothing to do with BYOD. The BYOD you do not pay for the gemini and other fees

ACE - Sage


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1 month ago

Download the DirecTV Stream on a compatible device (Roku, FireStick, AppleTV, iOS, etc). Create an account, provide payment info, and you're good to go. 

ACE - Expert


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1 month ago

@floridajobbers  - that absolutely is the correct site.  The service is called DirecTV Stream (or DIRECTV STREAM in their typography) even if the reps often call it BYOD.  If you read that page, you will see the only devices they talk about are the third-party devices (Roku, Apple, Fire, etc.) - there is no mention of Gemini or other fees (and indeed, they won't sell you a Gemini if you sign up for Stream).


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