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Monday, September 19th, 2022 4:29 PM

Can the app be used overseas?

I have Directv Stream on my phone and 2 tvs...I have Cox internet...my neighbor shares my spp...can the same app be on a phone which I s overseas?  If not my service, can the app be on a phone in another country?

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1 year ago

No. DirecTV Stream is only supported on US-based networks. 

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1 year ago

Technically, if you went on a VPN for the United States and launched the DIRECTV STREAM app, it WOULD work.

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1 year ago

VPN's are highly discouraged from use and may result in termination of service. Advertisers pay dearly to promote ads for their services and intend for the ads to be view in the subscriber's local or traveling areas. It's just plain "cheating".


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