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Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 1:20 PM


DTV Stream - Not Showing "Team Recordings" as Upcoming Recordings in DVR

I started using DTV Stream under the 2-month promo to give it a try after using YTTV for the last couple of years.

I set up the service to record team games for a couple of college teams, an NFL team, a MLS team, and a Premier League team. For the last couple of weeks the games were showing up in the “upcoming recordings” list and recording without issue. I noticed yesterday that the games scheduled for this weekend aren’t showing in the upcoming recordings list at the moment.

I checked under the sports tab and it shows this weekend’s game under “live and upcoming” and it still shows that I have selected to record all the team’s games. But they’re not in the list of upcoming recordings.

I tried to delete the recordings and add them back to no avail, and this morning I took it a step farther - I canceled any "team recordings" I had, deleted all my teams, signed out, signed back in, added the teams back and then chose the two college and one NFL team to record just their team games, and it still isn't showing in the upcoming recordings.

If I add NCAA and NFL as a "series" recording, it will pick them up as future recordings. However, that also then picks up every single game that gets aired - not as big a deal for NFL since there are fewer games, but pretty crazy for NCAA with the number of games that are aired in a weekend.

Anyone else having/had  this issue?

I can manually set the recordings for each game for a week or two, but if this is going to be an ongoing issue for some reason, it may be enough to switch back to YTTV. The vast majority of what we watch is stuff we DVR and can watch when we have the time, so if I can't trust the DVR to pick up the shows, series, and teams I set up, the service isn't for me.

If it matters, I have the Osprey box on our main TV and use Apple TV 4K on the other TVs in the house.

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Duplicate post - closing.


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