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Monday, December 4th, 2023 4:58 AM

How long does it take Directv Stream to add more local channels to its line up in different areas.

One of the things that is holding me up on before switching to DirecTV Stream is the lack of the main local channels.  I don't mean the sub channels.

I remember in the past when DirectV Sat, started to offer the local channels it took some time.  I was wondering if the same type of process will happen with the DirectTV.

I am aware that I can add an OutDoor TV antenna to receive the channels and also get an outdoor DVR.  However, I would prefer to steam the channels.  I know that other providers might have the same channels, but I want to move away from Spectrum and use DirectV Stream.

The other option I could do if they will make them in the future is a box that will allow you to stream the DirectV stream channels and then an add on box to it to record the OTA channels.

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3 months ago

Oh before I forgot I am in the Daytona Beach/Orlando FL market.

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3 months ago

I am in the Orlando market also. Most streaming, satellite and cable companies put the big 4 local networks and a few scattered other popular locals. But, I have never seen any of them do all the locals. I think the main reason is the local channel owners demand so much more for their programing, as we have seen lately from the locals that have been blacked out. 
I have seen an article lately that some of the streaming services are visiting the issue of supplying locals as an option. DirecTV Stream gives us 6 locals and my OTA antenna gives me about 67. We watch the locals very little, except local news, but have the antenna set up as a backup. 

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3 months ago

I think my plan is to get an OTA antenna.  Put that back up since it was taken down a long time ago.  

Once I get that installed, then I can get the HD HomeRun Flex with 4 tuners to be able to record the shows that my mom wants over the AIR.  Plus this way we get all of the sub channels available as well.

I know that the only provider that has ever had most of the sub channels was Spectrum.  

I been dealing with rebooting a Tuner Box that is required for Tivo to work correctly.  The box is going and as soon as I fix it, it breaks again in about an hour.  So I don't get all of my recording like I used to.  Spectrum stop supporting the Cable Cards so I can't get replacement equipment.

I just turned that crap in so I can get Spectrum's cloud service.  However, I want to switch to DirectV stream since it is cheaper and has more channels that I need then Spectrum.

So I think once I get the OTA problem resolved then I can make the switch.

I already tried it out through my ATT account in the past.  My only issue then was that they didn't have the channels that I needed.  However, Directv has been adding more channels to the streaming service so now I can make the switch.

I already have ATT Fiber.  So that will take care of the bandwidth needed.  I'm not too worried about internet outages since the Fiber has been stable and only really had one outage after a storm.  A Tree took out a power line and the fiber on the pole in the area.

I also have Spectrum internet but a very low speed because I wanted to have a backup for work.  So most likely I would just keep Spectrums internet and home phone.  However, with how stable ATT Fiber is, I am really considering just switching the home phone to OOMA and just canceling their service all together. 

The only main reason I haven't is that I work from home and want to have a backup in case ATT Fiber went down.  


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