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Sunday, September 24th, 2023 11:04 AM

Local Channels at second home in another state

With DirecTV streaming for two homes in different states, will I be able to get the local stations in the state in which I am using the streaming service?

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3 months ago

Depends on the streaming device you use. If the device has location services or GPS, then yes. If not, the default is your home based locals.

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2 months ago

Mobile devices should get the locals matching where you are. For “TV” streamers, I believe an Apple TV would also do this. I believe the other TV streaming devices (Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV/GoogleTV devices) would get the locals for your “home”.  It is unclear about the DTV Gemini device - I haven’t tried personally, but it’s possible that this can be set to a location, using the info here.  (Some reps have said this and that article implies it, but for several reasons I question whether this is true.)


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