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What is the difference between restart or factory reset or Diagnostic reset? is any more important than others like unplug it? Thanks Jerry

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Restart = Restarts your device and goes back to your settings as they currently are.

Factory Reset = Sets you device to the settings as they were when you originally got the device. You do a complete setup of the device to get it back operational. 

Many times a restart can fix an issue with the device. If the restart doesn't fix it, many times a Factory Reset will, but you have to set up your device all over, after the reset. 

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Hello, our two new remote controls we ordered (suggested by AT&T tech support), well, we REPROGRAMMED AND PAIRED them to our two TVs properly. They worked for a while. Now they do not. The volume control stopped working. We have been on the phone with tech support several times now and we followed the UN-PAIR and RE-PAIR them, but the volume still does not work. Also, when we turn off our TVs they both turn on again after a few second and we have to turn them off again. PLEASE HELP!

p.s. We are NOT technology challenged. In other words, we know how to do all the setting, etc. via detailed instructions online, phone support, videos, blogs, rebooting, the red button, unplugging everything, uninstall, reinstall... over and over again. One tech guy said we are in a bad area with too much interference from our huge apartment complex (which has already installed the very latest fiber optics in every apartment). Sorry, until AT&T upgrades, that's the way it is, he said. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


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