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Sun, Oct 10, 2021 10:36 AM

Version 4.0.23 on Apple TV 4k doesn't work right with Harmony remote.

I don't know if this is the right place to report a bug, but in the latest release for the Apple TV 4k - version 4.0.23 released on Oct 5 - scrolling through the guide doesn't work right if you are using a Logitech Harmony remote.  I have a Harmony 650 and also a Harmony One and on both of them in Version 4.0.23 when I am in the Guide if I press direction up or down or left or right, the cursor moves 2 positions instead of one position.  So when you press direction up or down the cursor moves up or down two channels instead of one and then you can't select the channels that the cursor is skipping over. 

Also happens in My Library.  The cursor skips two positions left or right when you press Direction Left or Right.  That means you can't watch half the recordings in the DVR.

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1 m ago

I have fixed my issue with the skipping in the Directv Stream app on my harmony elite remote and hub.

Open Harmony app on iPhone go to actives  then go to apple tv open connectivity. make sure the app is in bluetooth pairing.

Open apple tv setting go to remotes and devices / bluetooth.  look for harmony keyboard not harmony remote. (if it showing there unpair the keyboard) The repair the harmony keyboard with the apple tv once it populates return to the Directv Stream app and the issue should be fixed.

This restored my my elite remote to a working remote.

Good luck.


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1 m ago

We are happy to read the issue has been fixed @leo4814.

Thank you for sharing the steps that help you to resolve this situation. Feel free to reach us whenever you need assistance, we're here to help!

Jhon, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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1 m ago

@leo4814 Thank you, your post prompted me to check Harmony settings. I don't have a keyboard paired and I use the app on my Windows laptop to program my Harmony Ultimate One remote. I managed to mostly fix the issue as follows: 

1. Connect the remote to my laptop and open the MyHarmony app

2. Go to Devices and select AppleTV

3. Select Change Device Settings

4. Select "Device command repeats"

5. Lower setting from 1 to 0

6. Finish and sync remote

This solved 90% of the skipping and advancing. It still occurs but much less frequently. 


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