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Thursday, July 14th, 2022 9:27 PM


Bring Back OAN channel

Please bring back OAN


ACE - New Member


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11 months ago

We are customers just like you. We can’t bring it back. The carriage agreement was discontinued back in April and there is little evidence of DIRECTV negotiating with OAN and AWE anytime soon. 


ACE - Expert


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11 months ago

DTV is not renewing the contract so you need to go elsewhere.


ACE - Expert


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11 months ago


AT&T announced in January that their TV services would not renew the OANN agreement. That agreement ended in April. It is now July where after massive pushback on the forum and elsewhere that they stayed the course and will not resume a business relationship with OANN.

Sorry but if the channel is very important for you then your option is to look into another provider that has it.


ACE - Sage


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11 months ago

That ship has sailed. 


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