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Sunday, September 24th, 2023 12:24 PM

DirecTV underhandedly switched my service to much higher price

Yesterday morning I called to ask why I wasn’t getting the SEC channel since I pay for Sports Pack and Regional Sports channels.  I really couldn’t care less about SEC but wanted to keep ta(Edited per community guidelines) on yesterday’s South Carolina game.

The agent told me all they had to do was unenroll and re-enroll my Sports Pack service and I would receive it, simple as that.  When I go to watch the Orioles later that day my channel is gone and after hours on the phone they tell me I no longer have my old service and to add Reguonal Sports I have to UPGRADE my base package to Choice at an additional charge of $37.  

I asked them to return my service to what I had less than 12 hours prior and they tell me it’s impossible to do.  That’s a(Edited per community guidelines)olute (Edited per community guidelines) and clearly their way of hijacking anyone that’s on an older plan.  I’ve been a customer for many years but I’ve had it with their nonstop price increases and underhanded practices.  I plan to cut the cord in the coming month and be rid of them for good.

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