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Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 7:28 PM

Getting rid of Mini Boxes

I am currently paying 7 per month for the wireless boxes for two additional television sets.  I also have DVR recording.  if I get rid of the boxes and use DirectTV Stream do I lose the ability to watch DVR from the Streaming App?  Can I record shows to the cloud on the other two TVs?

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4 months ago

You are paying $7 for each additional TV. Whether you use a HDDVR, non-DVR, Mini Genie Client, or RVU TV option (built-in Client) the cost is the same. That is the billing model of DirecTV (the satellite service).

DIRECTV STREAM is a separate provider. That is the streaming-only service. You can use the proprietary DIRECTV STREAM box, or another streaming option (Roku, etc.). Your service includes so many in-home streams (if your IP is not static in can recognize as moving your service which can cause issues).

So you can't just get rid of the boxes. You would need to cancel DirecTV and go to DIRECTV STREAM instead. It would be like going from DirecTV to Netflix or Comcast, a different service.


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