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Thursday, August 31st, 2023 4:27 PM

Missing channels

FOX and CBS and 1 other local station are no longer available in my SW Missouri service area because Directv is too cheap to pay for these channels. I’m getting really tired of paying my full bill for service and missing 3 of the main channels. I am now exploring other options and when I find a satisfactory alternative it will be bye bye AT&T forever.

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11 months ago

When networks increase their costs to TV providers, then that rolls to us customers. Their operating costs go up, so do our bills, simple economics.

You say DirecTV is too cheap. I say Nexstar (and other local affiliate owners) are the opposite by continuously raising costs for channels we can get over the regular airways.

Like many, I did not go to pay TV for my free locals. So I prefer DirecTV to hold out against another rate hike.

If it is "bye bye forever" because of this, then you better give up on all pay TV. Not a single provider is immune from this. They all go through these negotiations. And local channel affiliate owners (Nexstar, Sincliar, Tenga, etc.) are pulling the feed more often.

Contact Nexstar. Let them know you are willing to pay their rate hike on behalf of those that don't. If not then calling DirecTV (or any other customer in this situation) cheap is being hypocritical.


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