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Saturday, March 4th, 2023 3:43 PM


When will you bring back One America News or Newsmax?  Both are excellent news sources, especially OAN that frequently aired international news on a regular basis, something the other cable news channels do not.  Your sad replacement for Newsmax, The First, is only an opinion channel with very little real news.  Please reconsider your cancellation of those two informative news channels.

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1 year ago

What do you think? Have you been reading any of the posts? Not likely to happen. Newsmax is offered free on their own streaming apps and several other services. Ridiculous to pay for something that is free. Time to move on now - time has past!

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1 year ago


Pretty much never with OAN. They were given the hard boot about a year ago. DirecTV announced there would be no negotiation with them. This was announced months before the end of their service agreement. Once the agreement expired, OAN was gone and it is expected to stay that way.

Newsmax on the other hand was in dispute over renewing the carriage agreement. Apparently Newsmax wants to add cost that DirecTV views as funding their change in model which it doesn't want to support and instead keep essentially the same carraige agreement. As is their right, Newsmax walked away from negotiations. DirecTV has left the door open but there are not high hopes of Newsmax returning through they could always surprise us.

Pretty much if you greatly desire OAN and/or Newsmax, you will need to find another place to watch them.


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