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Sun, Oct 30, 2022 3:58 PM

Service suspended due to mishap.

Last Saturday after talking to direct tv I realized I had been paying for two months to a disconnected account.  I had paid $348.17 to my old account.  I had asked if they could transfer the payment to the new account.  Rose said no - I asked for supervisor and she said they were busy and I should hear from someone in 24 hours (1 hour on this call).  Heard nothing.  Monday our service was cut.  I called on Monday and spoke to Corey and he said they could transfer the amount but I would still owe $135.  He was able to connect our service and I made my payment (spent 50 minutes on this call) through my bank account.  On Wednesday lost service again.  Called and spent over 4 hours and spoke to over 6 people.  They had no record of the transfer and had no record of my call.  I finally had a confirmation number of the transfer and I learned that I still owed )$14 which I once again did through my bank online.  No one could turn my service on.  On Saturday I still

had no service I called once again and spent another 2 hours with Connie.  They verified you guys had my Balance I had paid but the transfer was still not proceed.  Connie suggested I put a claim in but I still couldn’t get my service put back on u til I spoke to collections and they don’t work on the weekend and I would have to wait til Monday.  So it will be officially 7 days without service and I have paid over $400 to direct tv.  I am deeply disappointed and frustrated of the lack of customer service and loyalty to customers that have given thousands of dollars for the past 8 years as a result of one mistake . I feel we are being punished for an issue that is on direct tv.  Well these 7 days have shown my husband we may not need direct tv and we can finally move to streaming services.


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1 month ago

I m sorry that you have had so much trouble with your Directv Service.  I wish that I could help you and be able to get your service restored but as I am a customer just like you I cannot help you with this as only customer service can do that.  But one thing I can tell you to do because you have had so much trouble is to file a BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaint as this complaint will go right to the corporate office.  I hope that you are able to get your service restored or if you have decided to leave for streaming I wish you the best and hope that you have a better experience with your new service.


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1 month ago

If you made payments "through your bank online", that can take up to 3 business days to post. The account can only be restored if the entire balance is paid in full. If payment posts after any new charges, such as another late fee if cycle started over, then once again the entire balance is not paid off. Mentioning just in case anything passed each other. This is why it is suggested to pay through your DirecTV account (online or over the phone) and not initiating at the bank so that payment posts same day.

Whether you stay with DirecTV or go with another service, perhaps consider automatic payments. This way it is paid on time and to the correct account each month. Though remember to still review the bill in full once in a while and at least be aware of how much you are paying.

We do not have your balance. This is a public forum of other customers. For offical support you call DirecTV during their business hours.

Concerned you mention an "old" account. Was this a move or something else? If a move, then a Movers order should have been done as a new account would be wrong on the sales agent (as is fraud for their new customer stats).


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