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Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 7:51 PM

Were we suckers?

About a month ago, we received an unsolicited visit from a DISH rep, informing us that ATT sold Direct and all Direct customers would have to find alternative provider (DISH). We had Direct for many years and 2021 moved states and dropped Direct. Now we are settled in our new home and signed up with Direct,starting a new 2 year contract in Nov 2022. So we signed up with DISH the day of the visit, day of install cancelled Direct($299).  Were we played for suckers? We could have stayed with Direct?Has this happened to anyone else?  I feel this was blatant deception on the part of DISH?

ACE - Sage


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21 days ago

Sadly, that was a scam. If it was an honest Dish Network promotion they would have paid your DirecTV termination fees. 

ACE - New Member


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21 days ago

AT&T did sell 30% of Directv to TPG and they are taking care of the day-to-day operations of Directv for AT&T.  But they have never turned away customers and I do not see them going away anytime soon other than to shift their focus to more of a stream-based TV service than Sattelite.  But Sat. service is still offered as an option.  Also, large TV services tend to not solicit door-to-door, they also do not do cold calls either as this would be an easy way to scam people.  Hence the predicament that you are in right now.   If the person was truly a Dish rep your cancellation fee would have been paid by Dish.

ACE - Expert


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20 days ago


AT&T sold off 30% of DirecTV to a new co-owner. That just means a new company is managing DirecTV, and while AT&T is mainly hands-off they remain the primary owner.

So that salesman told you a big lie. The culture of door-to-door salespeople hasn't changed in the last two-hundred years. They will say anything to make a sale. And with many companies they are 3rd party resellers, so not employed by the company they are selling for.

Always verify what a salesperson, especially an unsolicited one, tells you. Chalk the financial loss as a life-lesson.


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