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Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 7:29 PM


Worst Customer Service I have received anywhere in a long time! Have been a customer here for almost 10 years and was treated like crap. Talked to a Very nice woman the first time I called who did a fabulous job, was courteous and helpful. Tried to call back and was transferred thru 5 different departments, had to repeat all the same information every time, given incorrect details and couldn't even understand what the people were saying, got one guy who didn't even speak English.  Have paid my bill every month for 10 years and they tried to collect a mystery balance of $950! Fortunately, I had all of my billing & payment records and was determined until they finally realized it was a billing error on their part, but never even apologized for the error. Will be looking for other options. I work in Customer Service for a living and these people really need to get their s&%^ together!!!!!! WOW! 

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7 days ago

Hello Keelau. We're sorry that your experience over the phone wasn't a positive one. We don't want to lose you as our valued customer, and our goal is to provide great customer service. If there's anything that we can do to turn your experience around, please send us a DM, and our social care team will be here to assist. Stephanie, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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