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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 7:23 PM

online bill paying no longer works on the DirectTv website or AT&T

I have an ongoing issue with paying my DirectTv bill. When I am on the DirectTv website the pay your bill link refers me to AT&T to pay the bill. I am then directed to the AT&T website. When I try to pay the bill on this website it redirects me to the DirectTv website. I have spent several hours to date on the phone with DirectTv. The last conversation assured me the issue would be escalated to someone else and they would be in touch to resolve the problem. Below is the response I received on 03/19/2023.  I was skeptical that resetting the receiver would resolve a billing problem. I did try this and it didn’t work.  

This account was linked to AT&T when Direct Tv and AT&T were together. They still show up on the AT&T account but there isn’t any DirectTv information or access to the bill or amount due.

In an email from Direct Tv  (see below) they suggested resetting my receiver… of course that didn’t make any difference.

Here's the Direct TV answer.. suggestion to take care of the bill paying problem.


Reply from DirectTv

Thank you for contacting us about your service issue. We have reviewed your escalation and found no widespread issue’s similar to what you reported.

Most issues can be resolved with a receiver reset. If you have not recently reset your receiver, please refer to the following link for instructions:


If you are still having technical issues, please refer to our website for self-care options.


Thank you for being a loyal DIRECTV customer





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3 months ago

AT&T sold off 30% of DTV and the new partner is moving the day to day operations to them including billing and the website and it appears there are problems so best to use another way to pay the bill until they work them out.


ACE - New Member


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3 months ago

Call in (number in my greeting below) and say ‘billing’ to the robot in order to pay your bill 


Community Support


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3 months ago

Hello Huston. We regret what happened during the assistance given. Please know this is not the experience we want you to have.

I will gladly assist with your account, so you won't have any billing issues. I will send a DM to give you the proper help and solve this as soon as possible. 

Jordanesco, DIRECTV Community Specialist.




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2 months ago

I received the DM and responded that I received it. To date I haven't heard any more from DirectTv



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