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Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 9:57 PM


Phone Scammers in area code 828

Today I mistakenly answered a call from 1-828 702-7164.  Supposedly a rep from AT&T & Directv.  She wanted to offer a reduction in our bill since we have been long-time subscribers.  Her Indian accent was so thick she had to transfer us to a "Supervisor".  This person offered a reduction for a 2/yr. term.  She had all our account info including a breakdown of charges.  We insisted on seeing everything via email, they had that address as well.  Long story short, she said there would be a one-time charge of $149.  Hubby said no several times, she reduced it to $99, again no, we are not paying more for our service. She then said "Go To (Edited per community guidelines)".....call disconnected.  We feel you should be investigating these scammers, blast social media so people are aware of them.  Anything is better than what they are probably getting the vulnerable to accept.  

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4 years ago

Check the various posts on these forums.  Apparently this scam is extremely prolific.

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2 months ago

Please be aware that the same scammers are sending emails with the PayPal logo asking for fake invoices to be paid and claiming there are issues for which a call should be made at yet another (828) phone number. 

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2 months ago

Caller id is frequently spoofed so the area code means nothing.


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