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Saturday, October 5th, 2019 1:59 PM

Promotion rewards or honored

To Whom It May Concern (apparently no one at the service department or rewards departments including supervisor care),

i created an account for cable that offered $300.00 rewards for signing up on the internet and having direct pay (not even sure if that was required).  After getting assistance with a customer service representative I thought all was good.   I even received my first $100 gift card but then after two weeks or so went by i hadn’t received the other two so I called to see what happened.   Another service representative researched and saw that they had to manually complete the request because something in the on line process wasn’t successful.   She let me know it could take 4 weeks to receive  the other gift cards. well the time had past and that is when I called rewards department and spoke with a representative that said they didn’t have any such promotions and that I received my $100 gift card and that is all I was entitled to regarding the promotion.  I asked for supervisor and he told me the same thing that I didn’t qualify for anything else.

I then called the customer service where they told me they see the promotion and that it looked like the representative that tried to help me by submitting the request for additional 200i in gift card requested 300 and because I already received the 100 the system rejected the request and because I waited to long that the offer was no longer good.  Her hands where tied. She even talked to a department that told her no that there was nothing further I can do.   So because the agent that tried to correct something and she did it wrong I am not able to get the rewards I had signed up for in the beginning and I am suppose to just accept what they say?   

i am also told that I have to keep this service for two years per contract.   Well I think that is bogus because you didn’t fulfill your part of agreement   

I have other accounts  with direct Tv that I am surly taking another look at and I feel a relief that I am under no contract since I’ve been with you for over 10 years   

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4 years ago

We're here to try to help, @Marble3.

So that we can determine how to proceed, let us know the following:

  1. When did you create the account?
  2. Did you receive an offer for the $300 reward card through the mail or email?
  3. After having service installed and active for 4 weeks, you should have received a notification by mail or email about redeeming any reward cards online. When you go to the Reward Center and enter your account info, does it show any redeemable or past offers?

Any requirements that were provided to you upon signing up must be fulfilled entirely before you can redeem the reward cards, and if they are not fulfilled, the reward becomes invalid.

Let us know more, so we know how to proceed.

John, AT&T Community Specialist


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