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Saturday, March 30th, 2024 12:31 PM

returned my equipment why am i getting charged a fee- 1st reason non return fee, 2nd reason returned equipment unusable??

I've have been a DIRECTV customer for about over 14 years. over that time, I've had one replacement of a DVR unit then added another DVR unit maybe 5-7 years ago.  I recently cancelled my account with DIRECTV.  It was not due to bad service or content issues.  It was just because my wife and I weren't watching much TV anymore and house guest have reduced significantly these past few years. So we were just trying to save money. I returned all the required equipment (2 DIRECTV DVR units & 2 standard DIRECTV cable boxes) to drop off location that i was instructed to do so(UPS store).  I got a receipt for confirming drop off items. So i thought i was good.  i know i was current and up to date on my DIRECTV bills charges. BUT then let say a month later i received bill from DIRECTV charging me for a non return fee of $45 per unit. Total bill charges was $98.78. I made call in to DIRECTV about these bill charges,  I communicated that i have receipt of delivery and provided date and return reference number on receipt.  So that supposedly that was put into system and that was done. BUT NOPE!  i get another email stating i still owe the same amount and for the same reason.  I called again shared the same information from my previous call into DIRECTV.  call went ok. i was a bit annoyed but it seemed like it was straighten out and i wasn't needed to pay the bill of $98.78 for non returned equipment. Some time went by, i get a call this time i believe it was from DIRECTV bills collection center.  They stated the same thing about no returned equipment.  i went through the explanation. now its done but i was really annoyed this time.  I was so frustrated.  more time goes by, i usually don't answer phones numbers i don't know but there was a number that keep calling me.  so i eventually answered.  guess who it was? DIRECTV collections center!! what did they want?  the SAME freakin thing again. NON returned equipment.  this happened at least a couple more times.  Till i got a new reason for why I'm getting charged for the $98.78. this Reason was equipment was unusable when i returned it.  Well, i wouldn't think they would be as they were outdated.  they still worked but i don't think i should be charged for unusable equipment.  back to call center and collection center.  with some back and forth with collection call center.  that includes being on hold several times.  asking to speak with a manager. then explaining the whole background again. I asked why and how it was determined that equipment was unusable.  DIRECTV rep stated that they send in a ticket request to their return equipment department to find out.  COME oN!! really?  these units are sent directly to recycling to be broken down and reused for new equipment. by this time, I am so effin (Edited per community guidelines) off.  a week or so has passed, i got a return call from collections rep they stated the returned equipment department determined equipment unusable.  i was like AND?  rep stated ,"you have to pay the bill.  how would you like to do that?" I wanted to throw my phone.  so i just hung up.  there was no getting through to someone that had any common reasoning.  that being said, my phone which is an iPhone. the components in an iPhone are far more advanced that the ones in a DIRECTV DVR box.  Especially boxes that are more than 7 years old.  i don't see companies charging unusable fees.  they actually pay you for your iPhone.  Now, i was already expecting the next call.  then again i get call from number i don't know. i don't answer first time. no message was left. i get another call similar number but couple digits different.  I know this is a call center. I don't answer and again no message. after several calls from various numbers which i assumed to be all from DIRECTV call center.  i finally answered out of frustration and annoyance.  no need to guess. it was DIRECTV collections call center!!  different rep. of course.  I would say I've talked and maybe yelled to at least 8 to 10 reps.  maybe more since October 2023 till March 2024.  it doesn't seem likes its going to end.  these call centers are contracted in other countries.  which i understand, but the representatives i have spoken only have one agenda. and that's to collect fees no matter what.  they have to meet their quota. 

AS a previous DIRECTV customer,  i am very disappointed with this customer service that i have received.  VERY EFFIN FRUSTRATED more like it.  I shouldn't be charged this fee.  Especially for being a good previous customer for over 14 years.  i don't know who else to reach out to.  maybe the BBB.  this is not a good practice for a company as large as DIRECTV.

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2 months ago

We're sorry to hear about your previous experience. We're here to help. Let's meet in DM to provide you with personalize resolution. Jayson, DIRECTV Community Specialist

16 days ago

The exact same thing is happening to me. I’m beyond (Edited per community guidelines) off at the incompetence, the bullying, the threats, all of it. I’m not paying for something that I returned. I provided proof that I returned it, and I was still told that I didn’t. It’s so stupid.  It’s a scam.  

I am telling everybody that I know to not use DIRECTV for this reason. My mother went with a different company because of this issue and she would’ve kept DIRECTV for years. DIRECTV has lost thousands of dollars from that one missed customer alone.  I am hitting my social media sites and letting everybody know that DIRECTV will rip you off.  If I can save one person from this headache, then it will be worth it.   I also plan on contacting the BBB and filing a complaint. it’s a shame too because I just wanted to try YouTube TV and don’t really like it. I probably would have switched back to DIRECTV but now I never will. I’m also thinking about canceling Att because I think they are still connected with DIRECTV.   



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