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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 9:17 PM

Can wireless earbuds be connected to Gemini

I have Blackweb and JLab earbuds and haven’t had luck pairing either with the Gemini box. I get as far as”Bluetooth pairing request from (name of earbud)” It prompts pair or cancel and when I click ok for either option nothing happens. The screen remains the same. Are these earbuds not compatible? If not, what earbuds are?


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9 months ago

Hi there, please follow these steps to pair and see if your devices are compatible:

1 - Access Remote & Devices.

2- Arrow down to New Devices Found.

3- The device(s) found are displayed.
If the device is not found:
Move the device closer.
Make sure the device is in pairing mode.
Then try again.

4-Using the down arrow, scroll down to highlight the device to be paired, then Press OK to select.

  • Depending on the type of device, it may ask to verify or input a code.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

5 - The device begins pairing.

  • If the pairing fails, they receive a message informing them the pairing failed and to Try again, press OK, to try again.
  • If pairing fails a second time.
    • Have them move the device closer.
    • Verify the device is in Pairing mode and try again.
  • If after a third attempt:
    • If the device is unable to pair, the device may not be compatible at this time.
    • Have them try a different Bluetooth device, if available.
    • Or they could try again later.

Once the device pairs, a success message is provided.

I will share your request with the proper team to look for a list of compatible earbud-type devices.

Please provide us with the earbud device model you are using.

Jairo, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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9 months ago

I've seen nothing in reading about the Gemini about it being able to stream audio to ear bubs/headphones via Bluetooth.

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9 months ago

Truth is I haven’t heard of anyone actually being successful doing so, but I have have read threads claiming it is capable of doing so and one successful connection of a Bluetooth soundbar

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9 months ago

Since the Gemini is based off of Android, it should have some sort of setting to use Bluetooth. If I recall the satellite firmware does not restrict any of the features when compared to the DIRECTV STREAM firmware. The Gemini box used for satellite is essentially the same as DIRECTV STREAM, just with modified firmware. 




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1 month ago

I have successfully paired my AirPods Pro 2 to the Gemini, but they do not always connect automatically. Is there a way to connect them manually?


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