Satellite repositioning has been completed, and all channels previously affected by the 771 error have been restored.

If you continue to receive this error, please reach out to DIRECTV on Social Media for further assistance.

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Monday, February 12th, 2024 10:41 PM

Confusing Return information

Hi all. Service cancellation effective on 2/4/2024 over the phone with a rep. She said our equipment could be recycled so no need to return anything.  Got an email from Directv on 2/6 (added below) but doesn't list any equipment in the designated space. I don't know if this is just a form email that is auto sent and it being blank means nothing to be returned or which to believe. Our receiver is model HR54-700C-R  Also, if I need to return this, do I take out the access card or return it with the system? I didn't see any mention of what to do with it. Thanks in advance!

We've received your request to disconnect your DIRECTV service and are sorry to see you go. Now that your service will be terminating, it's time to return your equipment.
Your equipment needs to be returned to DIRECTV via FedEx® Office Print & Ship Center or The UPS Store® — at no charge to you.

Just follow these simple instructions and bring your Account # above along with the equipment listed below to the closest FedEx® Office Print & Ship Center or The UPS Store® before 02/25/24 to avoid non-return charges.

Gather the following equipment

No need to pack anything. Just put it in a bag, tote, or open box.

DIRECTV remote controls and power cords may be included with your equipment drop-off to ensure that these items are recycled appropriately.

Note: You are only required to return equipment that was provided to you by DIRECTV as part of the service. DIRECTV will not return any equipment that is returned in excess of the equipment that was provided to you.

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17 days ago

The HR54 is the 3rd generation Genie. I would expect it is still returnable.

Return email tends to be general info, not specific to your equipment. And too often agents don't check the returnable list as it slows them down getting to their next call. So I would try returning to be safe.

Take to a participating FedEX/The UPS Store location for the free return. Just need to bring your account number along with your box(es). Make sure to get receipt showing they took possession and keep very good care of it.

You leave the access card in the box when returning. If the box were to be recycled, you would remove the card and hold on for a while in case you got an envelope to return (don't know if they still send this out). This is to account for any unbilled PPVs still remaining. After a couple months without receiving an envelope I would dispose of securely similar to a credit card.



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17 days ago


Great! Thank you for the information. I appreciate it very much. I hope you have a great day :)


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