Satellite repositioning has been completed, and all channels previously affected by the 771 error have been restored.

If you continue to receive this error, please reach out to DIRECTV on Social Media for further assistance.


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Friday, September 29th, 2023 10:54 PM

Error message

Your tv does not support this TV.

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This just started have a LG THINQ with older receiver

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5 months ago

Hi there. Your comment caught our attention. We'll be reaching out to you to review any concerns you may have about your service. Luisa, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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5 months ago

Most likely your TV software needs to be updated, if there are no updates then you have to use component cables or get a new TV.

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5 months ago

DVR/Receiver model number?

Have you tried resetting it?

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5 months ago

I do get this on occasion. On common issue was that my system was set for 4k, and I had a splitter, and one TV was only 1090p and I had the 4k TV off...

So the system woke up in 4k mode, only found the HD TV and gave me the message.

Subsequently, I use a 4K receiver, but can still have this issue if I have the HD TV on before the 4K TV.


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4 months ago

Hi, were you able to get a resolution? I have a brand new (6 month old) LG ThinQ TV with a 2013 C41W receiver with the same issue.  It was working fine until yesterday.  

So, here are the steps I tried before calling the "so-called" tech support.  I verified the TV on the latest version software.  I have unplugged the receiver box.  I have replaced the HDMI cable with a brand new 2.0 version.  I have checked to see if the other HDMI port works, it is fine, as my AppleTV box is also in that port and is working as expected.  I changed the screen resolution from 1080i to 480 (which the tv did not like).  That didn't work.  I finally called tech support.  

Their resolution was that my TV is too old.  Now, keep in mind I just purchased this TV 6 months ago and it has been working fine until this morning.  The receiver box shows it was manufactured in 9/2013!  My TV is a good 9-10 years newer that the receiver box, but somehow it's the problem all of a sudden? 

I did ask that they send me a new box, as I had taken the receiver box from my bedroom and connected it to the living room (where the issue was) and the bedroom box WORKS FINE!!).  She put me on hold for over 5 minutes to get approval, which I have the equipment insurance plan, then agreed to send it.  But, told me several times that she didn't think this would resolve the issue.  

For now, the 2015 receiver box from the bedroom is working fine on the 2022 TV that is in the living room.  I can't watch TV in the bedroom (1st world problems, right??) but at least the hubby is happy now.  So I will wait for my receiver to see what year it was manufactured, it seems I keep getting old, refurbished equipment that works for a year or so.  

Just curious if you were able to work with DirecTV to get this resolved?  Someone mentioned it's an issue with HDCP, but I have the TV plugged directly into the receiver box--I'm not using a splitter. The other HDMI port goes directly to my AppleTV box, it is working fine.  

Thanks for any help. 


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