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Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 2:49 AM

Gemini device

I've been a directv customer for over 20 years. I currently have a genie Hr44/200.  I was sent an ad from DTV for a free upgrade with free shipping for the gemini device.  The ad lists a number to call. When I called the lady wasn't aware of any ads. What I really wanted to know is what are the fees for the device and what hidden costs are involved. She said I have to pay $120.  And she doesn't know what the fees are.  This add came from Directv and says on both sides of the mailer to call to claim the no cost upgrade. I got an email from DTV awhile ago to say I was approved for the same. Sounds like total (Edited per community guidelines) to me.  Does anyone know what the monthly fee is for the gemini aside from the $120? 

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4 months ago

You pay $7 for each additional TV on the service, regardless of model. The Gemini is a client, similar to a Mini Genie, but also functions as a streaming device as can download TV apps.

You still need the Genie for it to work as it is a client. So no tuners or recording space of its own, just like a Mini Genie.

I would caution calling a number in a mailer. Instead call the regular customer support number they have had your entire time with DirecTV. Just to be safe to avoid any possible scam.


4 months ago

I explained to the first person I was connected with from the number on my flyer that the ad said “free” after she told me it would be $120.  She transferred me to someone else.  She said they would “figure it out.”  My device was sent.  No charge.
Shoulda never installed the (Edited per community guidelines) thing.

And now I cannot find ANY instructions on how to get my receiver back to its original settings.  I follow the link on the screen that followed “to remove a client or get help” and all that does is take me to this forum, which offers zero information on how to remove the stupid Gemini and recover my original setup.  Absolutely nothing!  

Crappy stuff.  No support.  (Not to mention the 800 number on a sales flyer that sent me to people who had no idea what I was talking about.



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4 months ago

Yeah, the lady I talked to had no idea about any ads. I got the flyer and an email front DTV.

Even though they sent you the "no extra charge" device are you being charged $7 for the access fee?

I like the idea of being able to stream and get regular channels all together without changing inputs, but not sure if I want to pay more for the convenience.  


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