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Friday, May 10th, 2024 1:33 AM

Gemini requires resetting multiple times a day

I have a new directv satellite install in a new house for about a month. I have the Genie 2 and two Gemini units.

The Gemini in our living room, which is closest to the Genie 2 requires resetting almost daily to get working. Essentially I turn on our TV and one of three things happens:

1. Code 616 (rarest of the malfunctions) claiming it can't connect to the wireless video bridge.

2. Black screen, no sound, just dead in the water.

3. Black screen, sound, but remote doesn't do anything.

In all three situations, the only thing that successfully restores service to that Gemini is to hit the red reset button on that Gemini unit. Resetting the Genie 2 does not alleviate the problem.

A tech came out the other day but of course it happened to be working fine so we had nothing to troubleshoot. Now today I have had to reset two separate times.

Another note - this doesn't randomly happen when we are watching TV, it is without fail always when we power the TV on after it has been off.

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1 month ago

Hello there. We're sorry you're facing difficulties with your Genie 2 and Gemini receivers. This should not keep on happening. A DM will be sent to assist in resolving the problem. Stephanie, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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1 month ago

I get the same things, but not quite as often. I also have a Geni Mini client.

When the Gemini goes nuts, I always check the Mini client, and it's always fine.

I put more air circulation around the Gemini and it reduced the frequency of freakouts.

It's just the level of quality of the software in my opinion, but getting it hot will also make it freak out more often.

I'm going to add a laptop cooler "pad" under the Gemini and run it from a USB port.

I put up with it, because when it runs it's a nicely integrated system.



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