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Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 10:35 PM

missing sections of close captions and I've tried all the fixes.

On ALL stations - networks and premiums, about half the closed captions are missing. Has gone for years. DirecTV wants me to pay $400 for an upgraded Genie which is ridiculous. No wonder so many people are going to streaming services where it is not a problem. Does anyone have a 'fix' that will correct the problem? I think it's a problem with the 'Genie 1 Box' but it's been changed once and the problem has corrected. After 25 years I'm about the discontinue my account.

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1 month ago

Sorry, I meant to say in the posting the problem was NOT CORRECTED when the previous receiver was swapped for our current one which still has missing captions on all channels. 

ACE - Expert


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1 month ago

DTV receivers automatically update the software when needed.


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