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Sat, Aug 6, 2022 12:47 AM

One button on the HR54?

The hard drive on our HR44-500 went out. They sent us a replacement that is a HR54-500. It only has an on and off button a tiny circle that says record and the record dot.

This thing is generic! I have other boxes upstairs all different (don't know the model #'s) and none like this. I can't even find a picture of this one online anywhere! It is also FILTHY, STICKY, fingerprints all over and SMELLS HORRID! Like from a filthy house.

Anyway, does this record 5 shows while allowing you to watch a 6th as our 44 does? The boxes are a pain to change as it's in a cabinet and connected to tons of other things and I don't want to bother if it's not the correct one. Please help!


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Right, the HR54 receiver has only the On/Off button and the REC light. If it is filthy, fingerprints are everyone, etc. then I would be a little concerned. Those boxes do indeed go through a refurbished process by DIRECTV. If you are unhappy with it, you can try calling DIRECTV (number in my greeting below) as asking for a replacement.

The HR54 records five shows at once but does NOT allow you to watch a 6th channel. In other words, once five shows are being recorded, you are unable to tune to a different one other than the five being recorded. You MAY watch a DVR recording though. Additionally, Genie Mini Clients take a tuner AWAY from the HR54. This occurs for all Genie HD DVRs, as well as the HR44 you previously had. 



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The Genie has 5 tuners. You cannot watch a 6th show with either the HR44 or HR54, unless you are referring to something you've already recorded as doesn't take one of the 5 tuners. Their capability on this is the same.

If you have any proper HDDVRs (HR20 thru HR24, or R22) on any other TVs, then of course those have their own 2 tuners each that allow you to watch other shows if all 5 of the Genie is in use.

Front panel controls are gone with the HR54. This is an eveolution (Edited per community guidelines) the current generation of viewers. People are set on using remote only, not walking up to the box or TV set. If remote goes out, then they use a remote app on their phone or tablet as a backup until they get a replacement.

Boxes are refubished as they are not pumping out new boxes every year. But they should be put into like-new condition. What you describe doesn't match up to that. I would call DirecTV back and let them know the box is in horible conditon and unusable. They 'should' send out another replacement at no charge as this would be within 90 days of your receiving the prior replacement.



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