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Sunday, December 10th, 2023 5:27 PM

Gemini Air Remote

I moved from Uverse to DTV stream a few months ago and was given the Gemini Air dongle.  I like the interface and remote better than the app, so I'd like to keep using them.  And I like the remote as well, but my problem is it's not playing well with my Samsung tv/soundbar setup.  Sometimes the volume works, sometimes the input button works, it's kind of hit and miss.  I've tried numerous hdmi configurations and re-pairing devices and it remains spotty.  When I had Uverse I was using Harmony remotes, which I still have.  I tried using an ethernet/usb adapter with the Gemini to see if it would receive a signal with a Flirc usb IR adapter and it didn't work.  Since others have said they can't get ethernet that way either I'm assuming it just doesn't work the same way like it will controlling Fire sticks.

Has anybody gotten a universal remote working with the Gemini Airs?  Or is my solution to move to a set top box that will receive an IR signal?  Thanks!

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4 months ago

Hi, slogan. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It sounds like you need more than basic troubleshooting. Send us a message, and let's work on this together. Joan, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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