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Thu, Sep 15, 2022 12:25 AM

Switching from AT&T u-verse fiber to streaming

If a current customer using u-verse TV switches to DirectTV streaming, can he/she use existing wireless receivers with remote

in-home TV's as used with u-verse TV? If not, how do additional TVs outside the main TV w/ streaming DVR box get the streaming




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1. No, U-verse remotes are not compatible with DIRECTV STREAM. Depending on the streaming device you use, they all have different remotes. If you decide to go with the DIRECTV STREAM Osprey Box (I recommend it), then you will be getting a handy remote that you are used to with a GUIDE button and LIST button for recordings just to name a few. 

2. Yes, in-home TVs are used. Streaming devices are required for each TV. This can be a Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, or the DIRECTV STREAM Osprey Box.

3. Additional TVs outside can access DIRECTV STREAM through the DIRECTV STREAM app. This includes your phone, tablet, etc. You can also bring a streaming device along with you but the billing address needs to be changed.

4. There is no streaming ‘signal’ as you state. All live TV and on-demand services are received from servers over your internet connection. Live TV streaming is often referred to as an over-the-top (OTP) service. Each streaming device connects wirelessly over WiFi unless you decide to specifically wire each over Ethernet. (Not required but recommended.)

As a note, if your internet speeds are bad, expect poor reliability with DIRECTV STREAM and really any streaming service you come across. 

ALSO, you won’t just migrate from AT&T u-verse to DIRECTV STREAM. Since they are two different services, you cancel one and sign up for another. It is recommended to use a different email address so there are no sign in conflicts later on.


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Unless you have an Osprey box model # C71KW-400 box and remote that looks like this, you would need to buy a Directv Streaming Box or use a streaming device such as a Roku, Fire Stick ect... to be able to stream this TV service as it is internet based.

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