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Wed, Oct 6, 2021 1:38 PM

Who are these "experts"?

Just wondering how the "experts" get their "badges" when they treat the AT&T customers like this.

When a customer asked a legitimate question concerning blocked ads, Juniper (@snodgrassg) gave this answer:

"If it bothers you so much that there is no advertisement playing, then see if you could purchase the timeslot if you are eligible. Otherwise enjoy that there is a break without a commercial playing.

Also as note for both DirecTV (satellite) and DIRECTV STREAM (rebrand again of the streaming-only service), there is only a single T in DirecTV. Just something to watch out for as many scams out there will have that extra T."

I've seen many examples of these people, who are probably sitting in their parents basement, giving asinine comments and being condescending to AT&T customers. As a retired military veteran, I have badges and ribbons but they are earned by being on a team. Not self-appointed to make me look "smart".

So clean up your forum please. 

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badges are automatically applied by the forums based on how many likes, how many solutions provided look you have received a badge for complaining about @Juniper  this is a customer populated forum not directv support and directv doesnt read the forums. 


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As a retired military veteran I'd think you would appreciate the right to free speech.


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One should also note that DIRECTV is no longer wholly owned by AT&T, thus the term "AT&T Customers" when referring to customers of these services is no longer appropriate.

Personal opinions are held by people with ACE awards and those without and can be shared freely.

Personal attacks are never appropriate, no matter how veiled.


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This is a public forum so other users may post their own guidance and perspective on the situation. Sometimes answers may be blunt, but they are honest and are intended to help, even if they might just point out the reality of the situation occasionally.

I would leave the assumptions of the "parents basement" at the door. Your DD214 and ribbon rack does not qualify you to know the situation of other individuals. That info is productive when speaking with your Retirement Services Officer or perhaps the DEERS office if you need to update anything for your USID (replacement for the old style Teslin ID cards, something you will see whenever you are due for a new one). Your military service while appreciated has no bearing on the forum, just the same as the rest of us with service records. That status gives you no more clout, and in my opinion is rather petty to use to try and strengthen your position in a disagreement originating from a discussion on commercial breaks.


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