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Monday, May 27th, 2024 5:51 PM

MLB recording deleted after the recording ends

The last three extra innings MLB games I recorded were deleted from my receiver.  The last one I was recording, I started watching it after about a 30 minute delay, and it was still recording.  I watched most of the game but I paused it to come back later.  When I came back, it was gone.  Deleted.  I went to the Recording Manager/Recording History.  When I clicked on "info" on the deleted program, it said: "Game search was performed for.....on channel 736 as this program was not authorized due to blackout restrictions in your area.  This episode was partially recorded because the channel became unavailable. (6)

But it WAS NOT BLACKOUT RESTRICTED.  Nor were the other games that were deleted with the same message.  I was watching it!  I was recording it.  When the live program ended, it was deleted.  I pay a lot of money to get MLB extra innings on Directv.  The reason I pay Directv and not another service is so that I can RECORD the game.  If my recordings are deleted then why have the service?  I am very frustrated and disappointed.  I record the games so that I can watch them when I want to.  I work a lot when the games are on and I like to come home and watch the game at the end of a long work day.  But the last three recorded games were deleted by the time I got home.  No game to watch? ...no Directv.  How can this be fixed?  and now?

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2 months ago

Hi, @spencertco. We understand how upsetting missing/deleted recordings can be and we're sorry for that. We'll send you a DM to help you further. Christian, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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10 days ago

It’s still happening to me - exactly as you described. Thanks for sharing this @spencertco 

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10 days ago

Record the 600 RSN channels.


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