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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 3:20 AM

Genie 2 DVR question

Thank you folks for the help; I had a Genie 2 via satellite installed a week ago and everything is connected to the internet.  I have tried WIFI and Ethernet for this problem..

The whole point of me getting DTV was so I could watch my DVR recordings remotely but they aren't showing up online.  In the eqipment setting on the website, it always shows "Not Connected."  But it is..

When I go to the library page online, away from home, it just shows blank page on bookmards.

I read on someones 5 year pold post that the Genie 2 cannot be used to watch DVR outside the home.  Is this true still?

Thanks again.

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18 days ago

Streaming DVR recordings out of home was discontinued a few years ago. They dropped support of the old Nomad/Genie Go accessory.

The 2nd/3rd generation Genie (HR44, HR54) supported Mobile DVR so you could copy recordings temporarily (30 days) to a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Then they came out with a new app to combine the DirecTV and DIRECTV STREAM apps which did not have the feature on launch.

Though the app is supposed to be returning some of the old features, it is unknown when or if streaming out of home will return.

DirecTV is service by satellite for the home. That is what it is built for. If you are looking more for streaming options then unfortunately this is not the service for you.



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