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Sunday, May 21st, 2023 7:34 AM

I do not have Direct TV and every time I try to go to my mobile phone account Dirrct TV is all I get. Please clear it

I need someone to clear this Direct TV account in my name. Every time I try to go to my ATT mobile phone account all I get is Direct  TV account which I have not had in years 

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4 months ago

You don't have DirecTV currently but you had it years ago? Sounds like you're having a unified login issue.

As this is a public forum of other customers, you will need to call AT&T when they are open. See if their "web unlock team" (or whatever the current name is) can fully reset the online access. With DirecTV moving to being a separate entity with the new co-owner, they are having similar issues as when AT&T first acquired DirecTV.

If over the phone they cannot fix the login, then a BBB complaint may be needed. Hopefully you don't need to go that far. Wish they had a fix accross the board, but seems each account's access has to be fixed individually.

As this is the forum for DIRECTV STREAM (which was under a different name years ago when it was launced), I have moved the thread to DirecTV (the satellite service). If needed, you can also discuss with customers on the AT&T forum in case they have any suggestions on that side.


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4 months ago

Hi brendakemp. Your post caught our attention. Allow us to provide you with an efficient solution for this account situation. We'll contact you through DM. Please check your inbox to continue the process. Thank you for reaching DIRECTV.
Claudia, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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